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iPad Mini: New Mockups Hit the Web

Gorgeous new 3-D renderings of the rumored upcoming iPad mini hit the web today, offering the most detailed look yet at what the highly anticipated new device could look like.

The images were created by a graphic designer Martin Hajek, who compiled them using data from the leaked information released over the last few months. The concept images are reminiscent of how Apple displays products on their website, featuring front, back and side views.

This classic black design with an aluminum back matches up closely with the leaked images of the tablet’s shell. If these renderings are accurate, the thin side bezels align with the rumors that the device will resemble a sized-up version of the iPod touch rather than a sized-down version if the iPad.

The bottom shows the new Lightning dock connector and speakers directly on either side of it, similar to the iPhone and iPod touch.

The top closely resembles the iPad, with the rear-facing camera directly below the power/sleep button and the headphone jack on the opposite side.

Hajek also got a little creative with his renderings, imagining the iPad mini with a brightly colored aluminum back as featured in Apple’s new iPod line. It would definitely be interesting to see Apple release color options on the iPad mini, although there have been no rumors thus far suggesting that it is a possibility.

He also created an iPhone 5-inspired version, featuring what appears to be an all-black anodized shell.

These are definitely some interesting possibilities to imagine, although rumors would lead us to believe it will be most similar to the aluminum-backed images. Apple fans can dream, though – anything is still possible until the official announcement!

The iPad mini is reportedly already in production and rumored to be announced at an event on October 17, just in time for the holiday sales season. Apple is predicted to sell as many as 10 million units during the 4th quarter of 2012, provided that the supply can keep up with demand.

What do you think about these latest images? Would you like to be able to choose the color of your iPad mini?


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