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Glasses-free 3D Android tablet takes on the 3DS

This is the WikiPad: a 3D, glasses-free tablet that’s serious about gaming and is gunning for some of the market share that Nintendo’s 3DS has. Its spec sheet ticks all the right boxes, packing in technology two years in the making.

The WikiPad is 8-inches of tablety goodness that will come with a gaming dock to turn it into a serious gaming machine. It’ll run on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which means that it can access all the best titles on the Android app store such as GTA III, alongside the Android client for OnLive.

The gaming dock gives the thing proper control thanks to a full compliment of controls arranged much like the Wii U controller. There’s also HDMI out and expandable memory up to 64GB. The best feature is the 3D though, which – like the Nintendo 3DS – doesn’t require you to don any glasses.

Sharp demoed similar tech in 2010, saying that 3D tablets of this ilk were just a year away. The wait’s been a bit longer than that, but we suppose that’s the time it takes to do 3D on an 8-inch display properly. The WikiPad is set to launch in the Spring.


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