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Customize Star Wars Diary Leather Case for Iphone 5/5S

  • Material: High fabric cloth, hard plastic case and leather Cover.
  • Internal pockets have space for credit cards and cash
  • This Diary Leather Case is made specifically for the iPhone 5 and iphone 5s, so you can be sure of a perfect fit
  • 1-2 days for produce and 7-15 days delivery by USPS
  • Custom service is available by sending us the picture you want to print.

The Diary Leather iphone 5/5s Case has a hard back shell moulded to the contours of your iPhone 5/5s which is covered in leather. Your iPhone 5/5s clips into the case leaving the screen completely free to touch and type. With this Diary Leather iphone 5/5s Case you can leave your wallet at home thanks to the two credit card slots and money pocket. This makes it the perfect case for when you’re popping out to the shops, or if you just like to travel light. This ensures that the screen of the iPhone is protected from damage and is easily accessible when you need to use the phone.

Price: $13.99


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