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Bryant Cs8464 Locking Device Connector, 250v, 50a

Construction: Terminal Screws: #10-32 BrassCord Grip Assembly: Impact Modified NylonFace Terminal Assembly: Impact Modified NylonCover housing: Super Tough NylonConnector Contacts: High Performance Copper AlloyTerminal Clamp Nut: Zinc-Plated SteelAssembly Screws: Zinc-Plated SteelTechnical Specs: Dielectric Voltage: Withstands 3500V per UL498Maximum working Voltage: 600V AC or 250V DCCurrent Interupting: Certified for current interrupting at full rated currentTemperature rise: Maximum 30 deg C temperature rise at full rated current after 50 cycles of overload at 150% rated current for either AC or DC applications per UL498Terminal Identification: (X, Y Z Brass Hot) (G, Green, Grounding) (W, Silver, Neutral)Cord Accomodation: Round portable service cords in accordance with device ratings as defined in UL Standard 62, CSA C222 No 49Cord Grip Range: 3 Wire: 300″-950″ (762-2413), 4 and 5 Wire: 465″-1115″ (1181-2921)Flammability: HB or better per UL94 or CSA 222A50A rating: 480V ACOperating Temperatures: Maximum continuous 60 deg C, minimum -40 deg C without impactStandards: UL Standards: UL Listed to Standard 498 (Attachment Plug and Receptacles)UL Listing File: UL Listed File #E1381- Guide #AXUTFederal Specifications: Federal Specifications WC596 (where applicable)Complies With: Complies with NEMA Standards WD-1, WD-6 and UL 498Overseas Approval: NOM, CECSA Standard: Certified to CSA Standard C222 No42M1984 (General Use Receptacles) and C222 No 1822M1987 (Industrial Locking Type, Special Use Attachment Plugs, Receptacles and Connectors) where applicableCSA Certification File: CSA Certified File #LR16215- Guide #20T2 7.50 L. 3.30 W. 2.80 H.


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