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Metra Third Eye 4 Sensor Rear Parking Kit with LED Display and Audible Alert (Black)

  • Designed for most vehicles without metal bumpers
  • Adjustable sensitivity Detects up to 5-Inch away
  • Quality LED display with defeat able audible alert
  • Built-in learn feature identifies obstructions
  • Waterproof connections

Third Eye TE-4PSK Rear 4 Sensor Parking Assist kit consists of four ultrasonic sensors, a control box, and a LED display. The system detects the distance between the vehicle and a rear obstruction by the ultrasonic sensors mounted on the bumper. The distance to the obstruction is displayed in feet on the LED display and an audible sound is heard. The system has a special built-in learning function that is very useful for vehicles with on-vehicle rear obstructions such as a spare tire, tow bar, bike rack, etc. For example, if a vehicle has a spare tire at the rear of the vehicle, an ordinary parking assist system may detect the tire and result in a continuous false alarm. With the Third Eye TE-4PSK parking assist system the problem can be resolved easily as the system will remember the tire as part of the vehicle.

Price: $99.99


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