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SANOXY®New All Channel Wireless Mini Rapid Automobile Car Charger Cigarette Lighter + FM Radio Adapter Transmitter /Modulator For Apple iPod / iPhone / iTouch 3G, & 3G S / Nano / Classic / Touch / Video MP3 player, -LCD Display,Black

  • Uses very little power from your device
  • High fidelity, stereo, digital PLL for highest sound quality
  • No batteries needed
  • Supports portable iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod Nano1~5G, iPod Video, iPod Classic, Touch, MP3, MP4 etc.
  • This unit charges your device when connected to the CAR Charger adapter


Do not support ipod shuffle

1. Frequency Band: FM frequency
2. Range: 88.1 ~ 107.9 MHz
3. Interval: 0.1MHz
4. Stability: -10C ~ 55C
5. Clutter & Harmonic: >= -60dB
6. Transmission distance: >=5m

Compatible with–
iPod 4th Gen 20GB (Color Display), 30GB (Color Display), 60GB (Color Display), 40GB (Photo), 60GB (Photo), U2 Special Edition, 20GB, 40GB
iPod Nano 1st Gen 1GB, 2GB, 4GB
iPod Nano 2nd Gen 2GB, 4GB, 8GB
iPod Nano 3rd Gen 4GB, 8GB
iPod Nano 4th Gen 16GB, 8GB
iPod Nano 5th Gen 16GB, 8GB
iPod Nano 6th Gen 16GB, 8GB
iPod Touch 16GB, 32GB, 8GB
iPod Touch 2nd Gen 16GB, 32GB, 8GB
iPod Classic 160GB, 80GB, 120GB
iPod Video 60GB, 30GB, 80GB, U2 Special Edition
iPhone 1st Generation 16GB, 4GB, 8GB
iPhone 3G 16GB, 8GB
iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4

Package Included–

1 x NEW FM transmitter
1 x Car Charger

Note: iPhone is not included in the package

Price: $49.99


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