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Bayan Detachable Car Headrest Mount for iPad Mini/ iPad Mini 2–Black Flip Stand Cover Case Edition

  • Functions both as Flip Stand Cover Case and Car Headrest Mount
  • Velcro strap is strong and elastic while black strap blends well with any color of car interior
  • Tablet is mounted high and secure,which avoids curious hands and kicking feet.
  • Viewing angle is adjustable for different height
  • No protruding or annoying plastic/metal parts. Safe for backseater,frontseater and driver

This car headrest mount functions both as Flip Stand Cover Case and Car Headrest Mount.It consists of one PU case with adhesive back and one Velcro strap

Customed Made PU Case for iPad Mini
Tight fit and good protection for your tablet.No shake or falling off even on bumpy roads.
Strong and Elastic Velcro Strap
This design achieves high and secure mounting.
Easy to install and remove.
Adjustable Velcro strap allows optimal viewing angle for different ages.If the case appears to face upward for a months old baby, you will need to tuck in a towel under the Velcro strap to make the case head down a little bit .
No protruding or annoying plastic or metal parts,which make it safe and convenient for backseater,frontseater and driver.

Price: $33.99


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