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Kaleidio (TM) Multi Tone Dual Layer Hybrid Skin Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy S 4 IV S4 + Overbrawn Prying Tool – Retail Packaging (Blue/Pink)

  • Dual layer protection against scratches and sctuffs
  • 2 part construction consist of hard plastic outer case & TPU inner cover
  • Add style & extra protection to your Samsung Galaxy S IV
  • Kaleidio (TM) Retail Packaging
  • Overbrawn (TM) brand prytool

The Kaleidio Multi Tone hybrid case offers rugged protection for your Samsung Galaxy S IV. The case provides 2 layers of protection. TPU wraps around the phone giving it shock absorption from drops. 1 piece hard snap-on plastic shell snaps on over the TPU gel giving that extra security and unique look. This case is the ideal choice for those that need extra protection from accidental drops while giving your phone a unique look. Bundle includes 1 Overbrawn Prytool

Price: $24.95


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