Gadget Extreme

Gadget Guard GS3CRBNFBRWHT Mullet-Carbon Fiber Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S III – Combo Pack – Retail Packaging – Clear/White

  • The ultimate combination of protection covering both the front with the Original Gadget Guard and back with The Mullet.
  • Military grade screen protection designed to withstand the harshest abuse.
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty
  • Includes the Original Gadget Guard Screen Protector and Textured Back Guard (The Mullet)

The Mullet. You know it: Business up front, and a party on the back. Like New Wave music and Brat Pack movies, its appeal is timeless and universal. Now, in a marriage of ’80s nostalgia and cutting edge technology, Gadget Guard Brings the Mullet to the mobile phone protection arena. Let’s get down to business. Up front you get our patent pending Wet-or-Dry install film that gives you the protection Gadget Guard is known for. Our custom cut guard is super-durable, easy to install and guaranteed for life. When it’s party time, you’ve got options. They’re all cool without even trying (think MacGyver). Protection has never been so complete and appealing at the same time. The Mullet: Proving once again that Safe Can Still Be Sexy.

Price: $16.99


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