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Liying® Brand New Cute Portable Rechargeable Super-small Dual Mini Speakers – Perfect for Moblie Phone, Samsung Galaxy, Htc, Nokia, Apples, Se, Pc, Mp3 / Mp4, Laptop, Psp, Tablets, and Other 3.5mm Standard Audio Interface Devices (white)

  • Built-in packable 3.5mm standard audio cable can be easily and conveniently connected into any multimedia device with 3.5mm port, including pc, moblie phone, psp, etc.
  • Novel design of dual speakers can be tightly obsorbed on the border of your digital devices, and can creat stronger surround sound effect.
  • This mini speaker is very small in size (diameter: 4.3cm, height: 4.1cm), and vey cute in shape, fashional and portable.
  • Embedded type lithium battery can use USB or power adapter for charge, more convenient and user-friendly.
  • There are four kinds to choose, welcome to search our products “Liying” on amazon.com

Dimensions: diameter: 4.3cm, height: 4.1cm
Speaker: magnetism prevent 40mm 3w/Ω
Power: 2.0w
Frequency response: 100Hz-20Khz
Signal noise ratio: ≥80db
Distortion: ≤1.0%
Playback time: 3-5 hours
Loudspeaker output: 3w (1KHZ, THD10%)

Turn on the speaker at the on/off switch
Take out the audible cable and connect it into any multimedia device with 3.5mm port
Choose the music you love, and you will enjoy strong surround sound

Package includes:
1×mini speaker with 3.5mm standard audio cable
1×input/audio and charging cable

Warning: Please do not short the product out; do not disassemble by yourself; do not insert anything conductive into the sound box body; keep it away from fire and children
Why Buying from Us:
>7*24 Tech. Support!
>100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
>Delivery reliable! USPS tracked! Ship within the next business day!

Price: $22.68


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