Gadget Extreme

T-Mobile D30 Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4g Flex Protective Cover Case Skin Shell D3O Ultimate impact Protection for TMobile Galaxy S BLAZE D-30 Tech 21 Pink White Gray (ZIGZAG)

  • Offers 134% MORE Impact Protection than Most Other Cases
  • Easy-Access Openings for Keyboard, Phone Features, and Ports
  • Visibility of the Front and Back of Device
  • D30’s intelligent molecules flow freely, then instantly lock together upon impact to absorb shock and disperse energy.
  • Rubberized Exterior Provides a Sure Grip While Protecting Phone Against Dirt, Scratches, and Minor Damage

D30 – A revolutionary substance that provides extreme Impact protection.
Ultimate impact protection with D30 exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy s Blaze 4g.

Align the back-plate on the back of the phone.
Place the Impact Case in the correct position of the phone while holding the back-plate.
While holding the back-plate, push the phone into the bottom of the Impact Case.
Once the bottom is in place, gently press the Impact Case onto the rest of the phone from the top.
To re-align (if needed) the back-plate, pull one edge of the Impact Case and slide the back-plate back into place.

Price: $34.99


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