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Anker® Multi-Purpose Universal USB Travel Wall Charger Cell Phone Battery Charger for iPhones, iPods; Samsung: Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2 I9100, S I9000; HTC: Sensation, Sensation XE, EVO 3D, EVO 4G, ThunderBolt; Motorola: Verizon Droid X2; Blackberry Bold 9900, Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, and Many More Smart Phones [Can NOT fully charge batteries for the Samsung S3 & S4] – White

  • Ultra-portable: compact design and multiple power source options allow you to charge batteries from a wall plug or any powered USB port (computer or laptop)
  • Compatible dual charge: Adjustable dock fits over 90% of Single Cell Lithium Batteries. Added USB port allows you to charge a cellphone
  • Intuitive design: Automatic detection of polarity takes the guesswork out of battery orientation and placement. Automatically stops charging when battery is full
  • Charge time: approximately 3 hours, depending on the specific battery model
  • USB output: DC 5.0V, 600mAh / Desktop charging output: DC 4.20V, 600mAh. — 18-Month Warranty / 24 x 7 Email Support

Extra phone batteries are lifesavers, but only when charged. Introducing a simple solution.
Universal power.
Designed to charge up virtually all phone batteries, this universal charger adds the convenience of charging up your extra phone batteries without your phone.

Added charging port.
An additional port lets you to charge any 5V, USB-powered device at 1A.

LED indicator.
Lets you know your battery or device is charging and when it’s done.

Top quality.
At Anker® we take quality seriously, that means each charger undergoes strict testing before leaving the factory and is CE, FCC, and RoHS certified.

Popular Compatible Models:
Apple:iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS / iPod Touch Classic Nano
HTC: One X / Sensation / Amaze 4G / Radar 4G / EVO 3D 4G / Inspire 4G / Vivid 4G / Wildfire S / ThunderBolt / Incredible 2 S / Desire HD S Z
Samsung:Galaxy S I9000 / Galaxy S2 I9100 / Epic 4G Touch / Galaxy Nexus Prime / Galaxy Note / Focus S / Infuse
Motorola:Triumph / Photon 4G / Verizon Droid 3 X X2 Razr
LG: Optimus V S T 2X 3D 7
Nokia: N900, N8, N97, C6, C3, E71, E72 / Lumia 900 800
Others: Blackberry Bold 9900 / Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S / PSP

1. Battery length cannot exceed 2.6in (6.6cm), like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s battery.
2. This charger cannot charge Motorola Droid BIONIC and Atrix 2 batteries or any battery with contacts not located on the top or bottom.
3. This charger cannot fully charge Samsung S3 & S4 batteries, as the output voltage is lower (4.2V) than the 4.35V they require.

Get to know us.
We created Anker with a single goal in mind: to make the smart life easier.After all, we’re customers too.

Price: $8.49


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