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Neurons Not Included Nerdy – iPhone 4/4S Periodic Table of Elements Case for Geeks, Nerds, Scientists, Chemists, Tekkies

  • hard rubbber case
  • non-slip sides
  • custom sized for perfect iPhone 4 fit

Nerd-ness is more than a state of mind. Here at Neurons Not Included, our crack research team has spent years zeroing in on what exactly makes a nerd into a nerd.It turns out that it’s not physiology, psychology, or any other -ology. It’s chemistry. Indeed, nerds are nerds at the molecular level because of elevated levels of nitrogen, erbium and dysprosium in their systems.You can celebrate this important discovery and take pride in your nerdiness with our new N ER DY iPhone 4/4S case. This form-fitting case will not restrict use of the camera or button operation. All cases are made in our home studio (well, the graphics are. It’s hard to fit an injection molding machine in a spare bedroom), and these hard rubber cases have non-slip sides. Most are in stock and will ship the next day.

Price: $16.50

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