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Pioneer may offer aftermarket installations of CarPlay for existing vehicles

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Pioneer may be working on a solution that would integrate CarPlay into the company’s existing and future car audio products. This information was provided to MacRumors through a reader who received it from a Pioneer customer service representative.

Apple unveiled its CarPlay system earlier this month and showcased the technology at the Geneva Auto Show. The system connects a lightning cable-equipped iPhone to a car’s in-dash display and allows the driver to message, navigate and playback music via Siri voice commands.

As part of its announcement, Apple introduced Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo as launch partners, with several additional vehicle manufacturers pledging their support for the hands-free system. Pioneer’s support would greatly expand the reach of CarPlay as the manufacturer sells a variety of aftermarket solutions for older model vehicles.

CarPlay launch partner Mercedes-Benz may also be working on after market installations for its older car models, but the Pioneer system is far more interesting as it would apply to a variety of vehicle makes and manufacturers.

Would you buy a Pioneer product for your older model car in order to get CarPlay? Let us know in the comments.


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