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Nokia Lumia 620 Latest Windows Phone 8 will cost $249 (before taxes)

The Executive VP Designs of Nokia, Mr. Marko Ahtisaari, has announced the latest window 8 based phone- Nokia Lumia 620 in the LeWeb conference held last week in Paris.
Nokia Lumia 620 is smaller in size from the other window phone 8 Lumia devices having 3.8 inches screen, Nokia’s clear black display for improving the viewing experience in outdoors and bright sunlight and 1GHz dual core snapdragon S4 processor. The phone is also cheaper than other Lumia devices.
With Lumia 620, Nokia has revealed some new casing colors. They have introduced translucent color layer overlaying on opaque layer so to present a new bold blend with depth effects. It presents the color effects of orange and lime green. Nokia has offered seven colors with exchangeable shells with gloss and matte finishing.Ahtisaari said in the conference that there was space available in the portfolio to do something more compact, that fits beautifully in the palm of a hand. But that something must have camera, solid camera and signature apps offered by Nokia. The device should be something that defines pure color story and bestow the burst of playfulness. He further said, the device they are opting for is softer and rounder and not as much bigger as the other Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 were.

The Nokia Lumia 620 is included with NFC for connecting with the accessories like extra loud speakers embedded on the back of the phone, highly fast capturing five megapixel camera, front facing camera for the video calls and the Nokia specific window phone 8 apps or features like Cinemagraph, SmartShoot, Lenses, Music, Map, City Lens, Transport and Drive.

The cost of the phone will be $249 (before taxes). Design chief added that it would be the cheapest window based phone 8 device till now. The device will be settled down to ship to the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa in January and soon after to Europe and Canada.

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