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Push notification for iOS devices by Windows Azure mobile service- A sign of openness

Windows Azure mobile services have added push notification so to fire off the updates about badges, sounds, and SMS.
The corporate vice president of Microsoft tools and Servers group, Mr. Scott Guthrie has written that new push notification is established by employing Apple Push Notification Services APNS. Microsoft has used APNS to accommodate developers for creating applications for iOS devices. APNS is the popular feature which facilitates the developers of iOS platform.Recently, Microsoft has shown open approached for the third party platform. Guthrie has noted that he has written about numbers of updates about iOS, as he feels that it highlights the open philosophy of Microsoft.

OS support enables users to establish connection between mobile services and iPad and iPhone apps

It allows Twitter, Google authentication and Facebook to support with the mobile services

Users will be able to do blob, queue, table and service bus with mobile services

Partnership with the SendGrid permits users to send emails from their mobile services

Partnership with the Twillio permits users to send messages or SMS from their mobile services

It has ability to deploy the mobile services in West US region

In Guthrie post, he further added the role of Objective-C client SDK that permits the iOS developers to easily employ mobile services for authentication and data. He felt that this push notification feature addition is raising positive hope for the continuous development cycle for putting more iOS features in to the Window mobile services.

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