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Novelty – Concept «Smart” floor reproduces the virtual mirror a world

Some innovations start its way without cheers and the loud applause. That is, they are at first glance, do not represent nothing practical and useful. This creature may seem at first, too useless. But, it’s worth looking more closely. Meet – GravitySpace, interactive floor, which reflects the movement and physical features of the people standing on this floor.
A floor was developed at the Institute Hasso Plattner, Germany, with the support of Microsoft Research in Cambridge. Several applications for Gravity Space already demonstrated. Imagine instead of a floor – mirror screen area of 8 square meters, only his image in him can not be seen. A floor, who responds to pressure. A floor is a virtual mirror and depicts the computer “twins” of people who are on this high-tech floor. In this case fully simulated human motion in real time.. Glass floor uses a projector with high-resolution and infrared LEDs to detect steps and the entire facility. Then on the floor played your accurate copy. At this stage in the development of the floor a little “slow down”, but the tracking of movements will be improved over time, the creators.

Future technology Novelty - Concept Smart floor

Cooperation group also suggests that their creation in the future will help control household functions and can be used as a possible interface for gaming applications of the future. For example, a smart floor can take care for elderly or disabled persons. For example, the fall of man, (loss of consciousness), a screen responds and can call the nurse. Developers led by Patrick Baudisch Gravity Space plan to present this year – in April.

Future technology Novelty - Concept Smart floor

Future technology Novelty - Concept Smart floor

Future technology Novelty - Concept Smart floor

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