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CES Daily Round Up Day 2

Pinball Machines, iPhone cases and Gaming Tablets oh my! The amount of iPhone cases at this year’s CES is nearly sickening. Everything from bamboo to Marvel Superhero’s and skin-tight waterproof suites. It’s become very obvious that this year’s CES is a tradeshow and not so much a product announcement platform. 3D is out for the most part and audio is a big factor this year. Monster (Creators of Beats by Dre) abounds alongside every rapper/hip hop artist out there promoting a new pair of headsets. No real feedback has come back on most of the overpriced, gaudy audio devices but if you are looking for something to style with your newest pair of kicks the options abound. Your money is probably better spent on a pair of Skullcandy headsets giving you a better bang for your buck. Hit the break for more…

Bluetooth speakers have also made a huge splash this year and there is no lack of them at CES. Zagg gives you a dual Bluetooth speaker option allowing you to keep the larger main speaker plugged in and stationary, while taking the smaller speaker with you. Monster introduced the Katana which spec list reads about the same as everyone from Jambox to Belkin however at almost $700 I don’t imagine them to sell quite as quickly. Razer gaming introduced the Edge to us last year and we were all pretty much blown away by it. Boasting an i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, NVIDIA GT 640M LE graphics, 128/256GB SSD and a Windows 8 OS it’s quite a power house. This year its back in final form and you can order the base model for $1299 however the gamepad controller, docking station and keyboard are all sold separately and at premium price. You’ll pay $249 for the controller that completes the Edge, $99 for the docking station and a whopping $199 for the keyboard dock. Razer makes amazing gaming gear but the price is steep.

Even pinball machines made an appearance at CES this year, Stern Pinball CEO Gary Stern announced a home unit, that’s slightly smaller in size and price geared towards the man cave game room. Hit the link for Engadget’s Hands-On interview. Lastly another big announcement was Lego’s Mindstorm will now receive iOS support and tweaked sensors to make the robotics kit a little bit more agile. That’s the wrap of a Day 2 at CES and tune in tomorrow for Day 3 which should bring you some more info on the Valve Steam box prototypes and details regarding the Pebble Smartwatch!


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