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Apple working on enhanced A5 chip (A5X) AND completely new chip (A6)

Typically when an Apple product launch approaches, many attention watchers suggest opposing views upon what latest facilities the latest product sports. Fifth-generation iPhone rumors often conflicted in conditions of the product’s design, yet many attention watchers seemed to determine upon facilities such as an softened camera plus a dual-core processor. With the arriving iPad 3, many attention watchers appear to determine upon a pattern identical to the iPad 2 s pattern plus a Retina Display. Notably, publications have been conflicting upon the latest iPad’s processor: some have been indicating to a quad-core A6 thinly slice plus others have been job for an softened A5 dual-core chip. Why, though? Because Apple is actually building BOTH.

While infallible publications similar to iMore plus Bloomberg have both exclusively reported which the latest iPad will competition a quad-core thinly slice (in addition, I found quad-core thinly slice references in iOS 5.1 beta code), The Verge has reported which the iPad 3 will underline an extended dual-core thinly slice which sports an softened graphics engine. Seemingly affirming which inform is a supposed picture of an iPad 3 proof house which appeared just a few days ago. That house includes an “A5X” processor; a name which would clearly prove a half-way burst from the A5 dual-core thinly slice to the rumored quad-core A6 chip. Backing which up is the Apple iOS device processor fixing scheme. As I remarkable in the outline of the A5X processor photo:

The strange iPad’s A4 thinly slice was dubbed S5L8930X, the iPad 2 s A5 thinly slice was dubbed the S5L8940X, plus right away this A5X thinly slice is labeled as S5L8945X. Notice the burst of 10 in the labeling upon the A4 to A5, plus notice the burst of just 5 upon the A5 to “A5X.” The 5 would note a half-way upgrade, something which an A5X thinly slice with softened graphics, yet still dual-core processing, would be expected referred to as.

Going by this fixing scheme, the subsequent vital iOS device processor revamp (A6, not A5X) would be dubbed the S5L8950X. Now, I have detected justification which Apple is operative upon which specific chip. Deep in the iOS 5.1 betas (as shown below) sits references to dual next-generation iOS device chips: the formerly discussed S5L8945X and this brand-new S5L8950X. While nobody has found this 50X (A6) thinly slice in the formula until now, I can inform which both next-generation processors entered the iOS formula simultaneously. This would appear to prove which Apple has been operative upon dual next-generation chips.

From here, conjecture about because Apple has dual next-generation chips in the formula can be endless. Here have been some quite suppositional possibilities:

* Apple simply grown both chips concurrently to see which would improved fit the latest iPad.
* The quad-core A6 is for the iPad 3, whilst the A5X is for rumored Apple TV update, the next-generation iPhone, or an additional iOS device
* Apple will sell a cheaper iPad with the A5X thinly slice plus the higher-end iPad 3 has the A6.
* The rumored 8 in. iPad has the A5x processor

In any case, the justification which Apple has been operative upon dual next-generation chips, an extended A5 plus a utterly latest chip, is here. What is not transparent is what thinly slice will land in the iPad 3 in early March.



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