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Game Review: Feng Shui Game

Happy Blue Fish brings yet another educational game app to iTunes-Feng Shui Game. Meet Master Ki and follow him throughout the app as he introduces you to various facets of feng shui, teaching you to become one with yourself and find balance in your life. Feng Shui Game has over 200 ratings on iTunes and receives 3/5 with TheAppleClan.

Graphics & Sound (3.5/5)

Feng Shui Game has excellent graphics. The colors are vivid and complimentary. Master Ki, wearing a blue robe and with a venerable white goatee, balances on the screen as you move through each game level. He talks to you through text which is typed up on the screen. Primary feng shui elements, such as wind, rain, fire, and earth, are all turned into cute little characters with smilie faces.

Use the movement of your iPhone to generate the game graphics. In the Zen levels, keep Master Ki balanced by tilting your iPhone to right or left, with Master Ki moving with your iPhone. It is the same in Yin-Yang, where you move your iPhone to catch the Yin-Yang colors moving across the screen.

Even with the screen details, the lush colors, and the various feng shui movements, Feng Shui Game never glitches or crashes.

There is Asian music playing on the menu background, with various Classical or Asian music in the different game levels. During the games, sound effects such as water fizzling out fire or the Yin-Yang clicking as it attracts the different colored discs floating around the screen.

The graphics are fantastic, with nothing left to be desired. The sounds complement the game. However, they can get redundant after a while and there is no menu option which allows you to turn down or mute the sounds. Combined, graphics and sound receive a 3.5/5.

Gameplay (4/5)

Feng Shui Game is composed of three mini games under various feng shui factors. These include Elements, Zen, and Yin-Yang. Each one has a detailed tutorial which introduces the elements pertaining to feng shui before giving you an intro level game. Then you can begin advancing into different levels. Each game has its own set of rules which build on each other in challenging increments until you become a feng shui master.

Once you achieve stars in the levels, you can start unlocking trigrams until the Bagua is complete-the ultimate goal of the game.

You can post all your Feng Shui Game accomplishments directly on Facebook by logging into your account from the Facebook button available on the app.

You can also play the duo option, which allows you and a friend to play on the same iPhone.

One of the attractions of this app is the lifestyle gaming concept. It is a casual game in which you both learn and have fun. It is especially designed to appeal to even to non-gamers, giving this app a gameplay rating of 3.5/5.

Value for money (2.5/5)

This version of Feng Shui Game (Free to Play Feng Shui Game) is free to download from iTunes, as the name obviously suggests. Each element of Feng Shui Game has a detailed tutorial and the first game objectives available to play. However, once you reach a certain level within the elements, you have to purchase the complete version of the game to access the remaining levels. You can unlock the advancing levels by making in-app purchases. Unfortunately, there are not many game options to play before you have to make purchases.

With this free app, you can access all of Master Ki’s advice. You can also take full advantage of the Facebook score postings and the Game Center, where you can share scores and compete with friends.

Information on feng shui is provided with this app, and there are detailed tutorials and opportunities to play a couple games in each level. However, the app quickly requires in-app purchases in order to continue playing, giving this app a value for money rating a 2.5/5.


The appeal of Feng Shui Game lies in the fact that it is both a game to enjoy playing as well as an educational tool. It helps a beginner to learn the basics of feng shui and work with Master Ki to apply them to daily life. As the app is free to at least download and comes with a detailed glossary full of feng shui tips, it is worth giving it a look.


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