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Bluetooth smart watch is being establishing by Apple- Rumor or Fact

Apple is now in process to establish its own smart watch that will be capable of connecting Apple devices by acting as a Bluetooth, announced by the new Chinese site Tech.163. In this particular report, it is also highlighted that Apple will be working in collaboration with Intel to develop the smart watch. The watch will be of 1.5 inches PMOLED display build by RitDisplay and ITO coated glass.
Apple is having a small hold in the watch market with its iPod nano. iPod nano can be easily attached with a wrist band and it can be turned in to a fully functioning watch.Recently, smart watches concept is on boom. In this domain, Sony has released its Smart Watch, and Peeble’s e-paper Smart Watch that is used to establish connection between the Android and iOS devices.

iPod nano although work as a watch but it does not have any connecting power, which makes it less attractive for the users. Users are now in search of more and more connective devices so to stay connected with their phones, tablets and other devices.

Throughout the last year, it was a debate that whether Apple will join the smart watch race or not and this announcement seems to be a semi substantiated leak.

Even with the success of the MetaWatch and Pebble, there is no proven market for the smart watches. So it will be worth noting that whether Apple will enter or this news is just a rumor.

However, some sources have revealed that Apple will come up with its smart watch next year. Now hundred million question, is whether Apple will come up with its smart watch to give tough time to Pebble and other competitors or not?

Well in case of Apple, they have always done something exceptional. Before the launch of iPad, it was a question that whether tablets will become every day necessity and see it has become. So Apple’s launch of smart watch will be based on same idea just than a gadget geek.

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