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FileMaker Go, a database management software designed for iPhone and iPad reached 500,000 downloads

FileMaker is a subsidiary of Apple and a part of Mac maker’s empire that has often been overlooked. It exists since the existence of Apple computer in this world. This software of database management is consistently working hard to improve its iOS apps since launch of iPhone version in the year 2010. Their hard work has resulted in user growth and until now more than 500,000 owners of iOS have downloaded FileMaker on their phone.For those who haven’t used this tool, the FileMaker helps to make management systems for medical records, sales information, project management, inventory and much more. This management system helps businesses to find the solutions quickly with the use of stored data in Excel spreadsheets or templates. Initially the idea of the company behind the launch of FileMaker was to help the customers to access the stored data on their mobile phones. According to Ryan Rosenberg the VP of Services and Marketing, the vision behind FileMaker has expanded. The businesses can now create their own tools according to their needs rather than just accessing the pre set tools.

Ryan further said that FileMaker offers multiple solutions to the people because through this platform they can create their solutions.

Because of FileMaker the businesses now use iPad and iPhone not just for accessing the desktop content but they also use it to create their own tools that are perfect for their business. This includes a tool for sales tracking designed for floor staff at retail shop or creating a system for surveys.

Ryan said that the company is excited because this is the perfect beginning. He said that the customers are very excited about this tool as this allows them to create custom solutions for their businesses. He said that this is just the beginning.

FileMaker is in the market since a long time and since then it is trying hard to improve itself and to help people create their own solutions.

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