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Shake Spears Review: Grab a Lance and Become a Knight


Shake Spears is one of the first and only medieval knight combat games on the App Store. In this app, you partake in a jousting adventure through many a castle battling deadly foes. If you haven’t heard of jousting, it is a form of combat from the Middle Ages where two knights go up against each other with lances, which are long, wooden, pointy spears. Shake Spears is one awesome game for both iPhone and iPad which you will no doubt be instantly addicted to! There are heaps of magic spells to purchase, 4 different types of foe, and an upgrading system which will make your knight a force to reckon with! You can’t go past this app – it is one of the best on the App Store, receiving a well-deserved 5/5 stars.

Gameplay (5/5)

There are three different game modes in Shake Spears: the regular campaign mode in which you fight your way through over 20 castles each with numerous enemies; the survival mode in which your health doesn’t regenerate; and the “head-to-head” mode in which you can fight your friends via Bluetooth! Each of them will hook you instantly, but my personal favourite is the extremely long campaign mode! The gameplay in Shake Spears is largely based on reflexes and precision, but also, there is an element of luck which you will both hate and love! It’s all just part of the challenge, and what a great challenge Shake Spears is!

Graphics (5/5)

Shake Spears has extremely polished graphics – they had to be, because when you and your opponent are about spear each other with lances, the game goes into slow-motion so that you and your foe can carefully aim the lance and move the shield into the correct position. Moving onto the spells, they look amazingly cool, with my personal favourite spell being the one that blinds your opponent with an intense flash of light. There are 16 different spells in this game and none are poorly animated, which contributes to Shake Spears’ flawless rating in the field of graphics.

Sounds & Music (5/5)

Never before has music from a medieval iPhone app game sounded as authentic as Shake Spear’s does! The menu tune is catchy and it’s not just the typical rubbish that comes bundled with other iPhone games these days! At the commencement of each joust, the trumpets blare a war tune, adding to the atmosphere significantly. As for the sound effects, they are very realistic – when your lance comes in contact with your enemy’s shield, the sound is so lifelike, and likewise is the sound of a shielding smashing into hundreds of pieces! In short, Shake Spear’s sounds and music couldn’t be better!

Value for Money (5/5)

When a good app is free, that’s the best possible value for money you can get! Shake Spears used to be a couple of dollars a few days ago, but has recently been made free. Make sure you grab it while it still is free because you and your friends will love it and be able to play against each other via Bluetooth – you don’t even need internet! Shake Spears deserves to be one of the Top 25 apps on the App Store, and if a lot of people download it, more updates will come bringing heaps of new awesome levels and game modes!


It’s quite likely that regardless of what your favourite gaming genre is, Shake Spears will appeal to you! It might just be the original game concept combined with the amazing graphics, but there is definitely something about this app which will make you unable to put your iPhone down! There is no possible harm in downloading this app because it is free, but with the numerous positive customer reviews, it’s unlikely that it will stay this way, so grab it today!


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