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What started out as a game associated with smoky back rooms has become a mainstream hit after poker became available online, and developers are now competing to produce the best mobile application to allow players to indulge in a hand no matter where they are.
Whether you are playing for money or not, poker is a game of skill that quickly becomes addictive, so it should be no surprise several online casinos are trying to outdo each other to reel in the eager smartphone market.

When it comes to which poker app is the best, it depends whether you’re keen to gamble for some extra cash, or you just want to enjoy the game. Have a look at the article by Tim Glocks on Poker on Mobile phone where he compare Online Poker sites that have poker apps and lets you play on the go.

mobile poker

If it’s a bit of fun you’re looking for, or you’re new to poker and don’t want to risk your wallet, Zynga Live Poker may be your game. This free app is available through the Apple app store and players can buy chips to take part in tournaments against real-life opponents.

Think Zynga sounds a tad familiar? You may well have heard the name before, since the popular developer is the brains behind Facebook favourites like Farmville and Words With Friends. In fact, Zynga’s integration with social networking platforms may be the secret behind its success, as you can use your MySpace or Facebook details to sign into its poker app too. Meanwhile, competitor Mega Poker – which also provides a free opportunity to play against real-life opponents – struggles to attract as much of an audience.

Now if you’re already pretty confident about your poker skills and you want the chance to make some real cash, there are apps available through which you can gamble with your smartphone.

Among the best are PokerStars iPhone Poker and Texas Poker, by Pokerist.com. Texas Poker allows players to enjoy a Texas Hold-em game on an iPhone, but you’ll need at least $100 to put down as a wager. Meanwhile, the PokerStars app allows you to play against others at your own skill level and whatever stake you can afford.

My recommendation? PokerStars gives you a wide range of choice when it comes to playing poker on your mobile. The app is free, you can play without making any real-money wagers, and if you do fancy flutter you can hedge your bets by playing against those on your skill level at a variety of different games.

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