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The IPHONE 5. Best Deals in UK

Unless you’ve been living in a remote cabin for the last six months, there’s no way you could have escaped the hype surrounding the most anticipated technological arrival since Back to the Future predicted the advent of hoverboards: The iPhone 5.

The hysteria surrounding the iPhone 5 has once again pushed the boundaries in demonstrating customers’ love for all things Apple. So much so that it was the most pre-ordered phone in Carphone Warehouse’s 23year history.

Hype aside, you’ve read the reviews, listened to both supporters and detractors and you’ve decided you have to have one. But which deal is best for you? With prices starting at 46 per month including the handset on a variety of networks, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Here is a rundown of some of the best deals.

As with most phone contracts, free phones usually end up costing slightly more in the long run. Paying an up front fee could help reduce your tariff cost per month, meaning the overall cost is lower but you need to work out what’s best for you. Luckily there is a deal to suit everyone’s situation.


Many of us want an iPhone 5 but we don’t want to pay anything up front for it. This is not a problem. You can get a free16GB iPhone 5 on any network at Carphone Warehouse. The options are as follows.

  1. Prices start at 46 per month for a two-year contract on O2. For your money, you get unlimited minutes and texts, as well as 1GB of data allowance. Total cost over 2 years = 1,104
  2. Vodafone matches this deal on minutes and texts – but they give you a whopping 2GB of data – all for 47 per month, or 1,128 in total.
  3. The wildcard here is T Mobile. Technically it’s not a free phone as it costs 24 up front. However, for 46 per month you get unlimited calls, texts and data. The total over two years is the same as Vodafone- 1,128 – but you could end up saving a bundle if you are a heavy web user.


Looking for extra storage space for your music and videos?Then the 32GB model is a great choice for you. On this model an upfront fee is charged on all the major networks (O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone) for both upgrades and new contracts.

  1. The cheapest overall deal on a 32GB model is from Vodafone, who offers unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data for 47 per month with an upfront fee of 84, giving a total cost of 1,212.
  2. Orange is offering unlimited calls, texts and data for 51 per month, with an up-front cost of 34.99. The total cost is slightly higher at 1,258.99, but you get significantly more data than on the Vodafone deal.
  3. The best deal on O2 also gives unlimited calls and texts but only 2GB data for 51 per month. With an up front cost of 44.99, this brings the total cost to 1,268.99.


The 64GB model should pack enough punch in the storage department to please even the most demanding of music and movie fans. For those who want to take entire libraries of songs with them wherever they go, this is the model for you. But the price tag might not be music to your ears.

  1. On T-Mobile you can get unlimited calls, texts and data for 61 per month. With the up front cost of 134 for the phone, this makes the total cost of the contract 1,598.
  2. O2 is offering unlimited calls and texts with 2GB of data for 51 per month, with an up front fee of 114.99 – giving a total of 1,338.99.
  3. Vodafone offers the same package as O2 but will charge you 47 per month and an up front fee of 164, making it the cheapest of the three at 1,292.

SIM Free

Carphone Warehouse is offering the 32GB and the 64GB models on a SIM free option. They cost 599 and 699 respectively. The drawback is that you have to pay for it up front. However, if you do go SIM free, you can choose from a range of low cost tariffs tailored to your needs at Carphone Warehouse. Now all you need to do is join the queue.

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