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Ford E-Bike concept

We do know that the Ford E-Bike concept will be able to “talk” to a Samsung Galaxy S2 which is attached to the front of the bike, but while we covered more of the software side of the E-Bike sometime last week, here is further information on the hardware front. There is still no price attached to the E-Bike just yet considering it is still a concept (and perhaps having a prototype or two lurking around somewhere), but I would say if enough people clamor for it to literally roll off the assembly line, something positive will be done by Ford.

The trapezoidal frame is made from aluminum and carbon composite, sporting six-spoke V-design wheels, a hidden carbon belt drive system, a Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub, a Shimano Rapidfire shifter, an electric powertrain with a motor in the front wheel hub and a lithium ion battery that is said to have a range of slightly more than 50 miles per charge. I take that as a very rough figure, since mileage is also dependent on a wide range of factors.


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