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Vudu Now Lets You Share Your UltraViolet Library With Up to 5 Friends


Walmart’s Vudu announced that it will introduce a Share My Movie feature that will allow its customers to share their UltraViolet collections with up to five friends or family. Back in the era of physical media, one of the cool things about owning CDs and DVDs was being able to lend them to friends and family to also enjoy. In many cases, that exposed new fans to a particular artist or film, who sometimes (not always) grew an affinity of their own for that media. Sometimes they then bought the movie or album themselves. Sometimes they shared with others. And sometimes that created a halo effect around certain pieces of content that you wouldn’t otherwise hear about via word of mouth. There are many great things about the switch to digital – i.e. no more running to the Blockbuster or Redbox (ha!) to return rentals, and no more rummaging through bins for discounts, etc.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.


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