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World Cup 2014: day 15 live!

  • Uruguayan FA: Su rez image was Photoshopped
  • Daniel Taylor: Su rez adds to story of deceit
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8.33am BST

Meanwhile, the final person in the world to offer his opinion on Su rez has finally stepped up. “Biting has no place in sports”, reckons Bruce Springsteen. He has a question, too, though.

“What are the rules about biting in the World Cup? There probably should be one.”

8.28am BST

So here’s a round-up. The Su rez Fifa panel are still watching replays over and over; Su rez’s lawyer Alejandro Balbi says there are “no doubts that all this happened just because it’s Su rez involved there’s a lot of pressure from England and Italy”; the Photoshop defence is going well; and, once it’s over, Su rez is off to the Chew Camp.

And, in the actual football. Argentina and Nigeria are through in Group F after Lionel Messi scored twice in a 3-2 win; Bosnia-Herzegovina beat Iran 3-1. And in Group E Ecuador and France drew 0-0, while Honduras lost 3-0 to a Shaqiri Switzerland hat-trick, as France and Switzerland qualified. Oh, and England have made it home. The fan went wild.

7.45am BST

The rise of football in the US continues. First the record TV viewing figures come in and now Jurgen Klinsmann has written to every boss in America with a request to give workers the day off to watch the USA v Portugal match:

Need note to get out of work Thurs? @J_Klinsmann has you covered. Show your cool boss. It will def work! #LetsDoThis pic.twitter.com/i2oCZmGAGZ

7.25am BST

Right, it’s been a good 15 minutes since the last lot of Luis Suarez news. The Uruguayan president had his peso’s worth on the subject last night. Rather brilliantly, Sid Lowe was on a plane so I was asked to translate his comments despite the fact that I don’t know Spanish. Suffice to say, when Reuters provided a proper translation it was slightly different from Google Translate’s effort. Anyway here are the president Jose Mujica’s thoughts:

We didn’t choose him to be a philosopher, or a mechanic, or to have good manners he’s a great player. I didn’t see him bite anyone. But they sure can bash each other with kicks and chops.

7.14am BST

Joachim Low has denied the US and Germany will play out the draw that will guarantee both teams’ progress to the last 16, despite the fact that his good friend Jurgen Klinsmann is in charge of the US team: “There is no pact, there is no collusion,” he told Kicker.de. “This is not an issue for us.”

7.09am BST

Anyway, moving away from Luis for a minute. After his two goals against Nigeria, Lionel Messi now tops the goalscoring charts alongside Neymar. That’s pretty much the answer you’d have given if you knew eff all about football at the start of the tournament and just picked the players featured on the most posters.

6.40am BST

If you’re looking for news on the other Luis Suarez – the proper one – the Fifa disciplinary meeting that will decide on any punishment for the striker did not reach a conclusion on Wednesday and will continue into Thursday morning Brazilian time. “We know they met for a long time but we don’t know if that means a good or a bad situation. They will continue in the morning, said the Uruguay FA president, Wilmar Valde.

6.09am BST

Morning/evening. And we start with the shocking news that Luis Su rez has decided to step down after the biting incident against Italy. “I made the decision to step down five minutes ago. It’s time for a change,” said Suarez. Woah, big news this. “The whole country is disappointed and I’m sad because we didn’t manage to reach the next round. But you did reach the next round, Luis! With the wins over Italy! And Englan… Oh, hang on. This is the other Luis Su rez. The Honduras coach. The British media conspiracy claims its first victim. They just got the wrong Luis Suarez. Idiots.

6.09am BST

Keep up to date with all today’s news from Brazil in our rolling blog.

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