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Top 10 Applications of iPhone 4 in the last year

Here is a list of the most highly rated applications of iPhone 4 offered in the year 2010.

1. Angry Birds:
Rated as the best game for iPhone in the year 2010, Angry Bird is a fun packed and exciting paid application in which you control an Angry Bird to fight pigs that stole eggs belonging to the bird. Despite its engaging abilities, the game is constantly upgraded with the bird getting better and better features.

2. Fruit Ninja:
An addictive gaming application that comes with multiplayer options and is famous amongst many. This again is a paid application.

3. Cut the Rope:
A fun-filled application that has tasted brilliant success throughout the year, Cut the Rope is a story based game in which you are supposed to constantly feed an unknown hungry creature who simply never stops eating. Cut the Rope is a paid application.

4. Dragon Dictation:
A business assisting application for the iPhone, while using Dragon Dictation you simply have to open the app and start speaking only to find all that you have spoken to be jotted down as text once you are done. This application is absolutely free.

5. Kindle for iPhone:
Another free application that allows you to access more than 725,000 books available on the Kindle Store. This application is the best for book lovers.

6. Twitterrific for Twitter:
A free application in the iPhone, Twitterrific allows you to access and socialize via Twitter with just a few taps.

7. The Karate Kid:
Have you watched the movie The Karate Kid? If NO is your answer then you’ll love this free app. If YES is your answer, you’ll LOVE IT MORE!!!

8. Siri Assistant:
Siri Assistant is a highly efficient application and is surprisingly free. Just speak your query cleary to the app and it would start looking up for your answer.

9. Public Radio Player:
What more than you want than your iPhone transforming into a radio. Enjoy background music with great functional keys in the free killer application.

10. Backbreaker Football:
This free application has been downloaded by more than 3 Million iPhone users all over the globe. It incorporates great graphics and provides realistic football experience.
Enjoy the best and the most famous iPhone 4 applications today, if you haven’t yet!!!

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