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The Pill: sixth-generation iPod nano

The new sixth-generation nanos have a different form factor with different docking requirements. Sound courses out of speakers located at either end of the 147 x 48 mm (5.8 x 1.9 inch) device, while a little set of legs on the back keep it from rolling away. One of the companies responding to that change is Singapore’s Gavio, which recently launched a speaker dock designed specifically for the current incarnation of the nano. The user’s iPod is loaded by being dropped into a clear plastic tray in the middle of the device, which is then pushed back into place, not unlike an old school front-loading cassette deck.

The Pill sixth-generation iPod nano1

It’s called The Pill, although if you want to get technical, a more accurate name would have been The Capsule. It’s unclear whether or not the nano’s touchscreen controls can be used once it’s loaded, although the dock does have hand-twist controls for volume and track selection.

The Pill sixth-generation iPod nano3

The Pill sixth-generation iPod nano2

The Pill sixth-generation iPod nano4

Via ubergizmo

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