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Concept iRing Controls Your iPod

Gadgets of the future look unusual compared with those which we are accustomed to seeing today. The concept of iRing is a ring with a stylish design, with which it … Continue reading

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Halo – the card of the future

Exchange business cards – it is a prerequisite of virtually any business meeting, part of business etiquette. Therefore, many active people per year accumulates a number of cards that no … Continue reading

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Concept Marshall Dicycle

We have already as though accustomed to the fact that some brands produce non-standard products for themselves. Thus, designers of the Porsche develop smartphones BlackBerry, and artists of BMW create … Continue reading

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Concept next generation computer 2015

HOLO 2.0 is a project designed to be the next computer replacement for the future. This wearable computer offers a new user experience with its portability and ground breaking architecture. … Continue reading

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