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Concept mouse Fortune

Mouse FORTUNE a new concept. Fortune Mouse, original design and various concepts. Here is a very unusual design of a computer mouse Fortune , created by industrial designer from Brazil … Continue reading

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Concept clock-Personal organizer

Good thing for freelance workers with flexible schedules. It approaches time in a diferent manner without the strict visualization of hours and needles. It works 2.0 devices allowing the user … Continue reading

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Concept WP8-smartphone – Luxury Gold Louis Vuitton

WP8-concept smartphone, called the Nokia Louis Vuitton, made from the polycarbonate in firm casing. On the front panel, we see a large touch screen, and on the back – pattern. … Continue reading

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Concept of a smartphone M-Phone

Designers came up with the concept of M-Phone device with a screen with two windows. Why is there such a thought? Today high-end smart phones and even smartphones middle segment … Continue reading

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