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BlackBerry fires 250 employees from its product testing, research and development team

BlackBerry has fired 250 people from its research and development division while it attempts to re-establish itself as a leading smartphone manufacturer and stabilize its business. As reported by TechCrunch … Continue reading

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If you’ve ever sent an email to the wrong person, Recipicheck wants to help

We’ve all done it: one minute you’re happily sitting there sending emails and the next you have that horrible moment of realization that, actually, you hadn’t meant to send that … Continue reading

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Zynga decides against real-money gaming in the US, but will keep testing casino games in the UK

Zynga confirmed today in its second quarter earnings announcement that it will not pursue a license for real-money gaming in the US. In April, the company launched ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino … Continue reading

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Google’s free Netflix promotion for Chromecast sells out in a day

That escalated quickly. When Google unveiled its Chromecast dongle for streaming YouTube, Netflix and Chrome tabs, it announced a promotion for three free months of Netflix with purchase of the … Continue reading

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Breaking Bad finale coming exclusively to Netflix in UK and Ireland starting August 12

The series finale of the hit TV series Breaking Bad will air in the UK and Ireland exclusively on Netflix starting from mid-August, following hotly on the heels of the … Continue reading

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Board game creator cans $123K Kickstarter project, reinforces the platform’s lack of accountability

After raising $123,000 on Kickstarter to develop a new tabletop board game called ‘The Doom That Came To Atlantic City’, creator Erik Chevalier has told backers that the project has … Continue reading

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Sky increases mobile and on-demand viewing figures more than five-fold

British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB), or known better as simply Sky, has reported full year earnings for the last 12 months revealing that the broadcaster made great strides in growing on-demand … Continue reading

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