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Microsoft Launches IE11 Developer Preview For Windows 7, Updates Modern.IE With New Tools

Almost exactly a month ago, Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 11 as part of the Windows 8.1 preview and today, it is also launching a developer preview of IE11 for Windows … Continue reading

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Ballmer Admits What We All Knew: Microsoft Built Far Too Many Surfaces

At an internal meeting, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that the company overproduced the Surface RT tablet, leading to its recent $150 per unit price cut. As quoted by The … Continue reading

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Microsoft Officially Names Satya Nadella Next CEO

Satya Nadella, the quiet and self-effacing Microsoft enterprise chief, prevailed over much splashier outside candidates and was named CEO of the software giant on Tuesday. He is only the third … Continue reading

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Microsoft Vows To Fight Government For Right To Disclose More Information About User Data Requests

Microsoft today published a short blog post stating that it feels that recent government changes to how it reports surveillance activities are insufficient. Calling the decision by the federal government … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Perceptive Pixel premise: The future of touch computing isn’t stuck in your pocket

When Microsoft purchased the Perceptive Pixel company, maker of 55 and 82 inch touchscreen displays that go by the eponymous acronym PPI, what it intended to do with the firm … Continue reading

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CoPilot GPS Navigation Arriving On Windows 8 And WP8

Fans of the CoPilot GPS Navigation software, you are also thinking of purchasing or already have a Windows Phone 8 or Microsoft Windows 8 device, will be pleased to learn … Continue reading

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Windows 8 Sells 40 Million Copies In First Month After Launch

Microsoft has today unveiled that is has sold more than 40 million Windows 8 licences since its launch just a month ago, and that Windows 8 upgrades are currently beating … Continue reading

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